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July 2019 Newsletter

HWM July 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the monthly newsletter, here you will see Xbox, Gaming and Community News from the past few months.

Xbox News

** Xbox Game Pass **
Xbox Games Pass has stepped up and added quite a few fan favorites recently. With solid title additions like Borderlands and Metro Exodus coming to the pass, there should be plenty (among the previous hundreds of titles) to tickle your fancy!


** Xbox Games Pass for Cheap **

In addition to the new titles being added daily, here is a chance for you to play all the nostalgic games of yesteryear for a cheap low rate. (Warning, not sure if this still works). With Game Pass Ultimate, you can purchase the 1st month for $1. It then applies to all months remaining on your Xbox Gold account for up to 36 months, This article explains it in great detail. Or just follow these steps.

  1. Extend your XBL gold for up to 3 years (180 if you are starting from scratch, less if you already have time attached)
  2. Purchase XBox games pass for 1$ (with auto-renewal for 1 additional month)
  3. There you go, up to 36 months of unadulterated fun.
  4. Make sure all auto-renewals are off that you do not wish to be on.

** Xbox Scarlett **
Holiday 2020. That is when we are getting the new Xbox, but have no fear, it appears that all games for the new gen console will also be available on the Xbox One (did companies finally have a breakthrough in wits?). Not much is known about the new console, but current information can be found here.

Gaming News

**Halo Infinite **
Launching Holiday 2020 with the new Xbox Scarlett, we are hoping to see a breath of fresh (competent) air in the series. The game for our name and why we are all here is back. The trailer can be seen below. Not much else is known at this point.

**Destiny 2 **
Throw out your “Fuck Bungie” pants and hop on to the new “Free to Play” experience. Most of Destiny 2’s Year 1 content will be free coming September. More information can be seen in this article. What does this mean? We a destiny clan now! (Joking). But this could be a fun way to grab some games with fellow mates with limited cost. Also with cross save, this will allow some PC users to fire up nice characters on the Box, and vice-versa.

**D&Fucking D **
Well, well, well. Never thought we’d see an update with this, but oh, how times have changed. If D&D is your fancy, look no further, because we have multiple campaigns running and plenty of content for you. We currently have 3 campaigns going with the following DM’s:
Sarge: “The Red Hand of Doom”- A campaign that has stretched for over 30 weeks to date.
Ducke: “Swamp Trek”- A new campaign with pirates.
Mecha: “Ravinica”- A 4-week campaign to get some experience with DnD and fill that void in your campaigning summer hours.

Community News

** New Blues **
Please take your time and congratulate our newest Blues on our Announcement Forums

That's all for this newsletter!

PS: Before I go, if you haven't done so already, make sure you visit Duce’s Member of the Month interview to see how this community impacted our dearly beloved, recently retired admin.As a reminder, if you want to and are willing to be an interviewee, please let Tims know!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

See you all online soon!

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HWM June 2019 Newsletter

HWM June Newsletter

A Message from the Staff

To the Halo Wheelmen and friends,

We the staff write this letter as a thank you to the community and hope it helps ease the leadership transition. Put simply: MC and Monster will transition into the roles currently managed by Duce and Sarge respectively. Both members directly stepped up and approached the staff about their goals for the community, and we would see the beacon of this place continue under active leadership. Monster and MC will provide more concrete details in their own post. We wanted to provide perspective about our retirement and detail our ongoing roles within the community.

Duce joined the site back in 2008. Duce tanked new member engagement and orientation for almost a decade and worked tirelessly in the backend of the site to keep things organized and fair. Without Duce, most of our major public achievements and gatherings would not have happened. We tease him for being grumpy, but you cannot find someone who responds faster to any blip of dismay around here. Duce spearheaded almost all of our efforts at making allies outside of the community. Without Duce, Sarge would not have rallied for Halo 5 and we would not have met many of you.

Sarge joined during the 2009 Bungie Rush. Eager to learn from everyone possible, Sarge eventually became the captain of one of the many crews that ran under our banner in Halo 3, transitioned with many into Invasion in Reach, briefly left Halo during Halo 4, and returned with Evolve and Halo 5. Probably the most public of the admins, Sarge often engages directly with members and manages the ongoing emotional and political dynamics of a gaming community from an empathy-first approach. Now, in 2019, both admins will pass their mantles along.

Despite their commitment to the community and the goal of providing a space that allows anyone to engage in good gaming in Halo and other multiplayer environments, both Duce and Sarge cannot commit the time and energy to the community or games that they once did. Duce’s duties to his family and himself have kept him incredibly busy for almost three years, and Sarge’s personal commitments and changing priorities have kept him from passionately leading the community in multiplayer since the collapse of Warzone. We love you all, and we love this place. We love you enough to know that you need active leadership that is there daily for you.

MC and Monster impressed us with their dedication to the community and the cause, and in our conversations showed the right qualities for our successors. Duce and Sarge will remain active members of the community, and will still be available to play. However, day-to-day organizational matters and concerns will go to MC and Monster. MC will become the new Infrastructure Admin, and Monster will be the new Community Admin (aka “the Captain”). We trust them and look forward to the version of the community we become under their leadership.

Finally, we want to thank all of you for continuing to give this place life. Duce and Sarge have openly discussed the various challenges they’ve faced over the years. In almost every case, the Halo Wheelmen remained one of the bright spots that helped during those periods. We cannot overstate how important the love and kindness we receive daily from you all keeps us grounded. This is not a goodbye. We see this as a baton pass in a relay race against entropy.

Remember that Wheelmen are kind, they contribute, and they grow. So, get in the hog if you want to live.

With Love,

The Staff:
HWM Brickfungus
HWM il Duce
HWM Sarge

Under New Management
Hello Wheelmen! As you heard from the admins, MC and Monster will be taking over Duce and Sarge’s admin roles. It has been a while since we have had a gaming and community update, and we figured it was about time they came back. This is going to be an abbreviated announcement, but inside this abbreviated thread you will see what we plan to bring back in terms of gaming and community news.

That Old, Familiar Feeling
We will bring back the newsletters that Mauro used to give to us monthly with a few changes and updates. Instead of having these newsletters monthly, we will be having them tri-monthly. A few updates will be made to the layout to include major gaming news across multiple titles, as opposed to sticking primarily with Halo. The newsletters will be divided into two primary categories:
Xbox News
Xbox GamePass Additions
Backwards Compatibility Additions
Big News in Gaming across current played games (Halo, SoT, Destiny, Overwatch)

Newest Members and a brief introduction, this can include new community members as well
Upcoming Events that the Wheelmen are hosting
Fun Community Clips

Oh, So That’s How It Is
As we are getting used to the changes and working towards providing the best for the community, feedback is always welcome. If you want to have a game’s news updated and you haven’t seen it listed, let us know and we would be happy to add it to the newsletter. If you have any ideas for offerings or features, fill us in. We are also looking for members within the community who are interested in taking on a little added responsibility and becoming a bigger part in expanding what our community has to offer.

No matter what you choose to do (or not do), we truly thank you for being here and making this the best community around. It wouldn’t be what it is without you. We’ll see you starside.

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HWM vs. Spartan Dads Recap - December 2

HWM Helljumpers vs. Spartan Dads

This past Friday, the Wheelmen searched against our allies, the Spartan Dads for about two and a half hours in an attempt to play a best of three series in Warzone. We managed to match up at the beginning and end of the session. We played first on Sanctum, and at the end of the session on Stormbreak. The Wheelmen took both games, and want to thank the Spartan Dads for sticking through the almost two hours it took to match a second time after the first game.

Game 1: Santcum - 1000-450 HWM - Replay, Sarge POV
Game 2: Stormbreak - 1000-322 HWM - Replay, Sarge POV
Stats Report

HWM Helljumpers Roster:
Spoiler: show
HWM Tims*
HWM Dragon
HWM Hel Monkey

HWM Sarge**

HWM Criporc*
HWM Jon Hart
HWM Trash Panda

HWM Merlin
HWM Swift

HWM Mauro Fire*
HWM Who is that

Spartan Dads Roster
Spoiler: show
SD Anubis02R1
SD Demolition
SD Doc Necro
Dark Sicarian
hey matt hey
N8 Peaks
Ruined Empire
Samurai Jones37

* Indicates Squad Leader
** Indicates Team Leader

Attack on Sanctum

The story of the night would be the execution of the start. The Wheelmen would split into three major groups at the start. Assault and Backup would fight the Dads in the closed lift, Containment would win the Open Lift and clear AI out of Fortress. Ops and Defense would clear our bosses and early AI out of garage. Both teams lost two people at the boss fights, and the Wheelmen would take down all eight Dads that pushed Temple for only one loss.

Assault POV for the start:

With Temple zoned completely, the Wheelmen would cap their Garage and Temple first, and effectively trap them on their side. An SD Assault player and the SD Hog attempted to make a play on our side early, but Merlin quickly eliminated the Warthog

The Wheelmen would stay on top of map control and quickly eliminate the first legendary boss to continue the REQ snowball.

Continuing to make plays, the dads would consistently push our Warthog off their side of the map, and CofC even managed to steal a Vespin Rocket Hog from us in the game.

Containment would get into a constant positioning battle around the closed lift.

Despite our continued efforts, the Dads would maintain stout defense of their Garage.

The Dads managed to REQ up and spawn powerful weapons to hold their side, so the Wheelmen focused on boss slays to finish the game.


We would not see each other again for over an hour and a half due to non-matching.

The teams would joke between games about who would finish maps sooner and with better scores. The Dads would win that. The Wheelmen lost an ARC game to another party during that intermission.

March on Stormbreak

Continuing the execution at starts, the Wheelmen would split into two groups on Stormbreak, with Assault and Backup taking the fight to the Tunnel, with the other three squads establishing early control of our side of the map. Containment would slow play the big door and start clearing crawlers from the small door, while Ops helped defense clear our armory before coming to the Fortress to clear AI and the boss. Finally, Defense would reinforce the lower pathways into Fortress after capturing our armory.

The Spartan Dads cleared their home base as efficiently as the Wheelmen, and would send their Assault, Backup, and Ops squads to tunnel as well, with Defense capturing their Armory and Containment playing their side of Big Door.

In the Tunnel, Assault split to each side of the road and set up forward positions. TheBigL would place splinter grenades perfectly to bunch their team up, leading to an unfortunate SD betrayal splatter that led to an EMP, quickly downing four of their people, including their Warthog.

The Assault-Backup combo would follow through to collapse on their Containment.

The hog would go on to fend off multiple pushes back to their dirt road. Tom would participate in 23 kills before dying the first time.

After Tom's first death, CofC would try to steal Sarge's hog again. This time he was unsuccessful.

Assault would make a number of key plays to shut down the enemy side of the tunnel throughout the game, including TheBigL continuing to EMP all attempts by their vehicles to make plays.

Tims would utilize the ground pound mechanic effectively throughout the game to win close quarters positioning battles.

MC showed again the key role Defense plays in countering enemy plays with a PP after stealing one of their Wasps.

Mauro went for style points on a legendary boss.

The Dads would hold on to their armory until the end of the game.

Both groups plays well and showed a lot of poise throughout the night. Despite being outslayed on Stormbreak, the Dads would maintain a proper defensive hold of their side of the map and make key plays to force the Wheelmen back. If the starts had played differently, we would be seeing a far more contested series that the stats reflect.

Good Games, everyone. I hope we do this again next month.

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HWM August Newsletter

HWM August Newsletter

Welcome to the monthly newsletter, here you will see Xbox, Halo and Community News from the past month.

Xbox News

** Games with Gold **

August 2016 will see the Games with Gold roster take on four newcomers – and four fantastic games, at that. As with last month, Xbox One will get two dedicated titles, and two Xbox 360 titles, as well, through Xbox One Backward Compatibility, for a total of four completely free titles thanks to Games with Gold. Xbox 360 gamers, of course, also get access to the latter two titles.

For Xbox One, August brings two fantastic titles to Games with Gold with the exciting Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and the blockbuster wrestling game WWE 2K16. On the Xbox 360 (and Xbox One through Backward Compatibility), Xbox Live Gold members start the month with the critically-acclaimed Spelunky, and then follow that with the classic Beyond Good & Evil HD.

** Backwards Compatible Games in July **
Since the release of Xbox One Backward Compatibility with the New Xbox One Experience it has been one of the most popular features included in the update. Xbox fans have been enjoying the opportunity to play some of their favorite Xbox 360 titles on their Xbox One, with more titles being added regularly to the list of available games.
The following is the list of games released in the past month:

Halo 5 News

** Latest REQ Drop **
No more DLC/REQ Drop for the foreseeable future, and not a lot of news either about what’s to come. On other Halo related news; 343 teams are hard at work on the next content release for Halo 5, which includes the Halo 5 Content Browser and the release of Forge on Windows 10. This will be landing around the same time, and we will have more information about all of these within the next month.
Lastly, the HCS NA Summer Finals took place this past weekend. For a full recap, head over to Halo Waypoint: ... recap#menu

** Spartan Company: Achilles Progress **
We are making progress towards the Achilles Helmet. We have improved overall just 6%, which is a big improvement from last month. See our closest commendations below:

HWM Community News
** Warzone Meta **
For this Month Newsletter, we will look at the Meta for the newest map on Warzone, Attack on Sanctum. Additionally, we have a new Ops Guide: How to kill a boss written by Witney.
Here a few things to note with regards to Attack on Sanctum:

  1. Containment – Instead of clearing the first boss, instead push directly to the temple.
  2. Assault – Same push to the temple, however, take lift over attic and cross and cover from attic on the enemies’ side
  3. Backup – Push through the bottom of Temple and attack/cover the left side to complement Assault and Containment

As we evolve and make changes, keep an eye on the Attack on Sanctum Discussion Thread for more information. Feel free to post any ideas.
On a separate topic, don’t forget to check the full write up and highlights from the HWM Hell Jumpers vs Absolution X games, by Sarge. You can read this here

** Upcoming Events **
We have a new event coming this Tuesday, August 2, the Theater Tuesday , hosted by Sarge . He will start doing film sessions for an hour one or twice a week, which be streamed as well. Please sign up now and vote for which squad he should focus on the first event.
Lastly, don’t forget to look at the calendar of events and participate on one of the regularly scheduled events, which include Criporc/Mauro’s Monday, Wheelmen Wednesday and many others!

** New Blues **
Please take your time and congratulate our newest Blues on our Announcement Forums
  • Anarchic Surfer
  • HWM Merlin
  • ImOutOfBullets

That's all for this month's newsletter

PS: Before I go, if you haven't done so already, make sure you visit our Introductions Area and say hi to our newest members!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

See you all online soon