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The Great Assist Continuum

The Great Assist Continuum

The Great Assist Continuum is a treacherous river filled with grenades, ghosts, banshees, shotgun-campers, and overzealous marines. Traveling this river is not easy, but with the help and trust of your teammates, you will find great success and many laughs along the way.

Since Halo 3, we haven’t had a Halo game that registered assists as consistently as this game. In fact, the game tracks our KDA more than our K/D ratios now. The kill feed of this game puts a triangle marker next to any person whose death you participated in, whether you killed them or not. Unknowingly, we’ve been riding down the Great Assist Continuum for years. The Warthog is the most trusted craft for this journey.

Primarily, you have to focus on survival and dealing damage. Unless you are flanking, you should always shoot any enemy you see. No enemy should leave your sight unscathed. By laying down fire, you provide opportunities for your teammates and yourself. Enemies that have taken even an extra shot of damage are more likely to get killed by your teammates, and if your teammates are doing the same, you’re bound to find countless cleanup kills everywhere. Here’s a clip I posted yesterday about this on a small scale:

On a larger scale, that’s exactly what all of our strategies have been about for years. The most important thing in any Halo strategy is that you trust your teammates to execute their part of the strategy. You trust the hog on Standoff to clear the left side of the map and disrupt their BR line. You trust your team to acquire the laser on every BTB map. Our Warzone strategies are the same. You trust the Assault squad to focus-down bosses. You trust the Containment squad to hold the middle base and push the enemy back. You trust the Backup squad to keep the road clear. You trust your Defense squad to keep your Armory spawn safe.

Your Guide to The Continuum

So how does one go about thriving on the Great Assist Continuum?

1. Bullets Instead of Melees

In the Great Assist Continuum, going for melees is like bailing out of the warthog to finish off an enemy. The enemy will likely no-shield you when you go to melee them. You're also likely going to be exposed to other flanks when you go for the melee. Instead, back away into team fire or hold the piece of cover near you and rely on help from teammates.

2. Hugging Cover

The map geometry can either hurt or help you. Always make it help you. You need to play line of sight games with the enemy team. As I've said many times before: Maximize the number of teammates that have line of sight on you, and minimize the number of enemies that have line of sight on you. You're part of a squad within a team. Use them.

3. Focus on Fundamentals

People get stressed and flustered when they try to do everything in game. Focus on doing your part well and trust the rest of your team to do other things well. If your containment, defense, and backup squads are playing well, you on the Assault squad have the freedom to move around the map and efficiently focus down bosses. If you're struggling on Containment but everyone else is having a strong game, your team is likely winning and you at least have the benefit of powerful team shot as you push forward.

You can't do everything to guarantee a win. What you can do is perform your part of the game very well and hope that it enables other players to follow through.

4. Relaxing

Look, it's just a game. It's supposed to be fun, and we're all friends here. If you don't relax, you're going to tilt, and when you tilt, the entire team gets hampered and everyone has a shitty time. You have to stay whelmed. If you get overwhelmed, you can't do any of the other three things I listed here. Stay chill, learn to laugh, and things will be fun more often.

So go forth! Link arms and cruise down the Great Assist Continuum!