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Banshee Guide

Before I get started, I’d like to say right off the bat that this is not a guide to teach you to pub-stomp randoms with your sick piloting skills. There isn’t anything in here about how to spawn-kill your way to a killionaire or survive 30 minutes to get an unfriggenbelivable. This guide is written with the purpose of teaching you how to effectively use you banshee reqs to accomplish goals within our squad system in competitive games. With that out of the way, let’s start with how to fly a banshee, and then move into the What’s, Where’s, When’s, Who’s, and Why’s.

Piloting a Banshee

Your job as a Banshee pilot is to be annoying. Banshees are frail, and a single dedicated enemy with a loadout br can kill you single handedly. Several enemies can kill you almost instantly. You need to move quickly in and out of cover, and restrict line-of-sight with enemies as much as possible, while still allowing yourself opportunities to snipe enemies in transition, or maneuver behind them to fuel-rod their power weapon holders. You have 3 tools to do this: boost, barrel roll, and flip.

-Boost: Boost runs on a gauge much like a ghost, and can run out. Always make sure you have a full boost bar before you attempt to attack an enemy, and never get caught in open space with no boost available. Use boost to quickly and safely transition around the map, or to splatter enemies.

-Barrel Roll: This is your “oh shit” button. The barrel roll is great for dodging any incoming projectiles, from fuel rods, to rockets. It’s also a good way to cancel your forward momentum and avoid colliding with terrain. Roll consistently, and always roll after firing a fuel rod at an enemy who was aiming at you. Do not roll if it would cause you to collide with terrain. Flip or Boost instead.

-Flip: The flip makes you a hard target and help you climb in altitude. If you flip over and over again, you will wind up high in the sky with everyone looking at you. Don’t do that. Flips are useful for resetting a bad angle on a strafing run, or for climbing above your opponent in a dogfight. The dodge roll is a better option for actually dodging incoming projectiles however.

Colliding with terrain while using any of your abilities will probably get you jacked. Banshees do not interact well with terrain in this game, you can get stuck, flipped, tangled, and generally wrecked by even a single tree.


The Banshee comes with 2 weapons, which alternate with a toggle: The fuel rod and the plasma cannons.

-Fuel Rod: Your bread-and-butter weapon, the fuel rod fires with a slight downward pull, but can one-shot Spartans, and is a significant threat to enemy light vehicles. The fuel rod can be fired quickly, allowing you to continue boosting or dodging between shots. Staying mobile is critical in the banshee, so your fuel rod is your main weapon.

-Plasma Cannons: The Plasma Cannons are strong, but, without being able to boost or dodge while firing, they make you extremely vulnerable. You can be a successful banshee pilot without ever using the cannons. Use them to tag a little extra damage on vehicles you are fighting, contribute to a vehicles fight from range, or finish off a weakened enemy. Don’t get caught floating in a straight line firing your cannons for several seconds straight. You will be destroyed.

Types of Banshees

-Standard: The standard banshee is essentially a ghost with a light shield in terms of toughness. It is a good option for taking out specific enemy targets, or simply surviving to scare enemies who would otherwise be transitioning, but lacks any long term durability.

-Sword: The Sword Banshee has enough toughness to survive quick bouts with ARs or SMGs, but is still quite vulnerable to power weapons. This is your go-to survivalist banshee, for long, effective runs controlling the map and picking off stragglers.

-Ultra: Essentially a flying tank in toughness, its fuel rods move much faster, explode three times, track aircraft, and are generally scary. The Ultra Banshee is the ultimate weapon for accomplishing an aggressive play against a well-organized enemy party.

Escape from A.R.C.

ARC is a very poor banshee map. The terrain is all quite low to the ground, and there are sightlines and crossfire lanes everywhere. The large buildings behind the armories are your main safe-zone. Try to be annoying, catch people in transition, and make a big play. Long term survivability if you do not have map control is highly unlikely.

Raid on Apex-7

Probably the best map for piloting in this game, the terrain is high and lets you safely engage from long distances. Play around the top of spire to the sides, and at beach. Catch people in transition, and be ready to fight for the legendary bosses. You can safely accomplish a lot on this map by engaging from range, and being sneaky with all the approach angles you have. Long-term survivability is good.

Battle of Noctus

A pretty abysmal map for the banshee, unless your team can lock the enemy into a single base and you can get directly above them, where you can’t be abused by long range BR fire. Use the high parts of monument to cover yourself and make quick, efficient runs.

March on Stormbreak

This map is excellent for the comeback banshee. While you have no way to safely approach the enemy team’s armory without being in a firing lane if your team controls garage, if the enemy team has garage, you can circle above them and kill anyone who tries to transition all day. Stay alive all game just sitting above their base, occasionally killing a man or two you can pick off, and you will drive the enemy team insane.

When to Spawn a Banshee

Spawn a banshee when you need to make big, highly mobile plays for your team, or when you need to scare the enemy team and curb some of their aggression. The banshee is also a good option for contesting bosses, and harassing the enemy team’s bases when you are behind. In the gameplay footage at the end of this guide, the ultra banshee spawn was intended to kill any enemies transitioning from their garage back to their armory to stop the armory steal. Use the banshee to control foot traffic like any other light vehicle.

Banshee’s Role Within the Squad System

Assault: The banshee kills bosses well, and lets you get to them very quickly. It’s not so great for taking enemy bases, but can support a push quite well, and allows the type of high-mobility to assault players need.

Backup: The best place for the banshee, controlling enemies in transition and quickly responding to callouts around the map. The gameplay at the end of this guide is of a backup banshee, mostly responding to callouts and orders.

Containment: You can’t really teamshoot, and the banshee isn’t much of a power-slaying tool as much as it is a kill hawking tool. Spawn them for other squads, or to accomplish a specific task, but they aren’t the best for accomplishing containment’s goals.

Defense: An interesting place for a banshee, a defensive banshee can survive almost indefinitely, can return to armory rapidly if needed, and is great for chasing down scout hogs, mongeese, and ghosts. I’d like to see more of them.

Trying To Do Too Much Syndrome

The number one thing that will get you killed or jacked in the banshee, is trying to do too much. The enemy has 1000x ways to ruin your day, and trust me, they want you dead really badly. Be patient, make smart, calculated decisions on when and where you engage, and make sure you have your team as backup. Trying to be super aggressive or put the whole team on your back will get you nowhere. It’s best to get into the mindset of a vulture, not an eagle; picking off the scraps as they come, but not head-on engaging the enemy team yourself.

Match-ups and Tricks

Kinetic Bullets: Pretty much everyone in Warzone has kinetic weapons as an option by now, and they are hyper-lethal to banshees. Play sneaky, and kill people who aren’t looking or don’t see you coming. Don’t fight people head on. A single Kinetic SMG easily puts a tier of damage onto your banshee.

Railguns and Plasma Casters: If you see glowing blue, roll immediately. Then roll again. Dive for cover, and sneak away. Call them out and wait for your team’s confirmation before entering a hazardous line of sight again.

Lasers: The same deal as Railguns, but you can see the laser charging pretty easily. The Fast-charging laser is pretty difficult to deal with, much like whiplashes, and is a reminder of why you always restrict line of sight.

Snipers, Beam Rifles, Binaries: These things actually shred you, if your shields are down. Restrict line of sight, or sneak up on these guys and kill them first. Flips are actually useful for dodging snipers.

Rockets and Hydras: Find the nearest cover and flip/roll your way into it.

Warthogs and Ghosts: Neither warthogs, nor ultra ghosts are too much of a threat to you unless you are careless. Aiming your fuel rod at them moving full speed is tricky though. Sneak up and hit them from the side or back with a fuel rod. There is no point fighting them alone.

Oni Hogs:
Don’t fight these, wait until the gunner is BR’d off, and then chase it down and kill it. If you are sneaky and a good shot, you can fuel rod the gunner right off the turret, but it’s risky.

Wraiths: You can play cat-and mouse with them all day, but your weapons don’t do much to them. Their mortars are easy to dodge, hit them with a few fuel rods to scare them off, but don’t try to do too much and kill them alone.

Scorpions: Not even ultra banshees deal much damage to scorpions, and their shots devastate you. I like to hit them with a fuel rod in the back and make them turn around, looking up in the sky, to make them easy for my teammates to jack, but don’t get into a head-on fight with these guys.

Dogfights: Phaetons are vulnerable if you can get above them and hit a fuel rod or two before they see you coming, but they have a lot more firepower than you. In general, you want to get the first shot, get above the enemy, and fight with your team helping you. Once you are fighting, your fuel rod lock on wont help. Aim where you know they’ll roll to, and take them out with prediction.

Plasma pistols are the most dangerous weapon in the game for you. They have excellent range, and cannot be dodged once they lock on. These are why you stay with your team, and why you don’t get trying-to-do-too-much-syndrome. Teams have become increasingly more and more proactive about baiting and stealing banshees with plasma pistols.


The following gameplay run is an unfriggenbelivable against an organized team who almost beat us. The Banshee is a backup banshee, and was spawned to control enemies trying to stop us from stealing the armory. Near the end of the video, you can see me get trying-to-do-too-much-syndrome and get jacked trying to stop the whole enemy team from getting to warden. Luckily, I had my team around me as a safety, and it works out.