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Old Reliable

Oh the iconic weapon of Halo and the Master Chief. It is a non-precision weapon, but heed my words; this is no secondary spray and pray weapon to supplement your BR or DMR. We shall leave the SMG for such careless expenditures of bullets.

New Features
-Smart-Link enabled- greatly aids in reducing bloom, allowing you to burst fire faster. It should help in getting more damage into your opponent before you are knocked out of ADS by their shots
-Addition of 4 rounds per clip. It may not sound like much, but having played a 32 round AR for three halo games, it is a welcome boon.

Best Practices
-Carry one if you are posted in a place that sees vehicle traffic. This allows you to conserve your BR ammo while putting significant assist damage on a passing vehicle.
-Makes a solid backup weapon if you get charged by multiple targets.
-Learn how to use one through the art of burst fire. ARs do headshot damage, so a burst will decrease your kill times after shield splash.
-AR users are not players who should be charging or initiating mid range combat with the intent to kill. It is a weapon to harass players at the appropriate range and kill the ones who invade our base's personal area.

Pistols are great, but they have shallow ammo reserves and will be outclassed by BR's should the opposing team reach Req level 3 before you. The Assist Rifle can help push the pressure into CQB engagements, but only if you can force the opponent to fight on your terms. Since you'll be in a cramped, contested area, you can imagine the power of a medium ranged rifle.