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IFx DDay
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Passenger Gunner
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Re: MW2 Tournament??

Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:01 pm

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Nothing Special
Nothing Special
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Re: MW2 Tournament??

Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:56 pm

Cute wrote:
Here are the Game Settings and rules we will be using throughout the tournament, if there are any changes during the tournament, the remaining Team Captains will be notified of them.

[size=16pt]Game Mode: Search and Destroy[/size]

Game Rules:
The only setting that needs to be changed is the 'Hardcore Mode' setting. It is defaulted to 'Disabled', please switch this to 'Enabled' and it should switch all the affected settings to standard Hardcore rules. If this isn't the case, or something seems wrong, I have listed the entire list of correct settings below exactly as you would see them in the in-game menu.

Settings that might need to be changed are listed in red, again, everything else should be correct by default.

[table][tr][td]GAME RULES

Round Length:
Bomb Timer:
Plant Time:
Defuse Time:
Multi Bomb:
Score Limit:
Round Switch:


Wave Spawn Delay:
Force Respawn:
Radar Always On:
Friendly Fire:

    2.5 Minutes
    45 Seconds
    5 Seconds
    5 Seconds
    4 Points
    Every 3 Rounds

    Team Only
[td]               [/td]

Number of Lives:
Respawn Delay:
Max Health:
Health Regeneration:


Headshots Only:
Killstreak Rewards:
Hardcore Mode:
3rd Person:

    1 Life


Selecting Sides:

The top team on each bracket will choose the top team listed (OpFor, Spetsnaz, Militia) on the 'Choose Team' screen.
The bottom team on each bracket will choose the bottom team listed (Rangers, TF141, SEALs) on the 'Choose Team' screen.

Other Rules/Notes:

    [li] The use of tubes (The Grenade Launcher attachment on Assault Rifles, and the 'Launcher' Class of secondary weapons) is prohibited in the first 15 seconds of each round. If you are unsure how much time has passed, you can press your Back button, and the round timer will be located in the upper right. The timer starts at 2:30, which would allow for tube usage after 2:15 on the clock.[/li]
    [li] The 'One Man Army' perk is prohibited.[/li]
    [li] Use of the 'Care Package' and 'Emergency Airdrop' killstreaks are prohibited.[/li]
    [li] The Shotgun attachment on the FAL is prohibited due to a glitch.[/li]
    [li] Use of Party Chat is prohibited (as well as any other way to circumvent the fact that dead players cannot communicate with living players)[/li]
    [li] Please refrain from any actions that would be in poor taste, such as spawn killing in the opening of new rounds, getting outside the map or into other glitch locations, or any other kind of exploit. (Please PM TTL Cute / TTL DDay / TTL Bunny if there are any questions regarding this).[/li]
    [li] Friendly fire will succeed in killing your teammates. This varies from current 'Ricochet' matchmaking rules where all damage is reflected back to the shooter.[/li]
    [li] Matches will be a Best of 5 format, on 3-5 different maps. Map info will be released as needed throughout the tournament. Please watch this board for threads pertaining to each round's maps.

In the event of one of the above rules being broken inadvertently:
Someone forgot to switch their killstreaks, and has a care package, someone forgot to change their classes or wasn't informed of the OMA rule, or someone isn't watching the clock and tubes you too early.

- No matter the outcome of the round the rule was broken in the team that has broken the rule will be given a loss for that particular round, and thus the other, affected team will record a win.

What to do to accomplish this (CONTINUATION GAMES):
- If the affected team wins the round, continue playing as normal. All is well.  :)
- If the affected team does not win the round, please make known to the other team during the time between rounds that a rule was broken and that the game must be ended. Take note of the round wins up to that point, and end the game. Play will continue in a new game and should be ended by the party leader when a score of 4 is reached, taking into account the addition of the previous games round wins. (i.e. Team A tubes too early while up 3-1. The previous game's round wins should be recorded as 3-2 to take into account the win granted to Team B. In the continuation game now Team A will only need to win a single round, while Team B will need to win 2 to total the winning score of 4.)
- For any continuation games, please set the 'Round Switch' option to 'Every Round'
- If the added point from a rule break win will total 4 round wins for a team, there is no need to play a continuation game.

Connection issues / Lag / Player drops:
- In the event of connection issues and/or player drops before the completion of the first round of a game, please end the current game and restart fresh. Consider changing the host of the lobby if connection issues are affecting all players.
- In the event of connection issues and/or player drops after the completion of the first round of a game, please finish out the current round, record the round wins accrued by each team, end the game, and start a continuation game (described above).

All teams being captained by GGN members, I am assuming there won't be any malicious or excessive rule breakages. But If you feel that something like this has occurred, or have any other question about something that has occurred during a game, or there is some other dispute, please do not hesitate to PM me, Bunny, or DDay on the forums, or send me (GT: TTL Cute) a message over XBL. I will try to be online during any known scheduled game times.

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