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Maybe free Black Ops

Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:07 am

A guy in the Long Live BTB group is allegedly giving away a copy of Black Ops. I say "allegedly" because there is no organization backing his claim and unlike a lot of people I never got to know BTB names, so I can't personally vouch for anyone's reliability.

He made a group, you join it, post in the FAHREE Black Ops thread, and all the names in the thread are included in a random drawing. He said the contest won't happen if 100 people don't join, so it may just be to get members in the group to add to its lifeblood.
#1: Join here
#2: Post in FAHREEE thread
#3: Invite some buds that enjoy CoD
#4: Profit

I will attempt it because I'd love it if it were true and I lose nothing for effort. Awhile back some guy was legitimately giving away two months of XBL on the forums. I like seeing stuff like that. However you can never be sure they're legitimate, so its a simple matter of giving them no pertinent personal info and you have risked nothing on chance.
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