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External Chat

Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:31 pm

I am creating this topic to point people to when they ask about having a third party application for our chat. Please feel free to point people here if they ask about external chat services.

Below is a list of features an external chat solution would need to support to replace the current mchat.
  • Tie in with the PHPBB forum software to display when someone posts in the forums.
  • Embed fully onto the index page of the site.
  • Support all mobile devices including Windows Phones, which several of our site staff use.
  • Work on low-end devices.

Even if those features were included the issue of site activity slowing down will still be an issue. If people do not need to come to the site to use the chat because they can use a mobile app, they will not come to the site. We are a forum based community first, it's how we share information with each other. Anything that takes away from that isn't the best solution.

We value the input of community members however, so if anyone reading this can find a chat service that supports the required functionality, please post it here with links to explanations of the functionality.

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