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Xbox One Reputation System

Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:44 pm

Source Article: The Verge

Article describes a system where consistently being muted or blocked by people, and a long series of negative feedback will stratify the matchmaking system to keep good gamers away from trolls. I'll be looking for more information on this, but I hope this can actually help. I've found myself moving away from being hardcore and I don't want to spend my evenings listening to randoms yelling at each other.
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Re: Xbox One Reputation System

Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:52 pm

The only problem I see is that people are over 9000 times more likely to leave negative feedback than positive feedback. Though it's not the case for everyone, I'm pretty confident in saying this happens for the majority of people. It's human nature. Think of how many times you've complained about restaurant service versus how many times you've asked to see a manager simply to tell them that the server did a great job. Or filled out a comment card without anything negative to say.

Anyway, back to my point. I'm curious to see how robust this system is. I'm sure I get plenty of mutes and negative feedback on XBL. Mutes because I talk a lot during games (even if it is useful stuff like callouts, some randoms may not want to hear it), and negative feedback because players get annoyed when you roll their team.

So, on average, I probably get more negative feedback than positive. How will this affect my reputation in the new system? What are they doing to address this unbalance in the way we give feedback?

It could be as simple as making it extremely easy. I'm not going to go out of my way to give someone a positive rating, unless for example, it's the click of a button post-match.
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Re: Xbox One Reputation System

Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:05 am

I hope they rethink their system good, because Halo has the same problem. You can get banned from matchmaking or from using a mic simply by getting muted. And people muting others for all reasons like different language,noisyness,yelling, talking, don't like their voice etc.
And I saw from other people that play CoD they mute everybody right away when they enter a lobby. What if I play with a group and we're talking in the in-game chat and we meet hundreds of these people in the span of a week or so.
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Re: Xbox One Reputation System

Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:22 am

DOTA 2 actually has a system where you are only able to "report" 3 players a week (maybe a day, can't remember exactly), or "commend" 6 players a week, so it adds more value to each. You can "report" a player for negative communication, intentional feeding (basically repeated dying on purpose), and one other thing that I can't remember...or you can "commend" them for being either friendly, forgiving, teaching, or showing leadership.

I've only played about 90 DOTA 2 games with other human players and I have about 20 positive feedbacks. I think limiting the number will make everybody feel each time they report or commend somebody carries more weight. Obviously, they'll need to include more than 3 negative and 6 positive...DOTA 2 games can easily go over an hour, and I may only play 6-7 in a week, but you can play 20 games of Halo without even thinking about it. Also, if I report somebody and action is taken against them, when I log back in to the game, it actually TELLS ME THAT! You get a message pop-up saying "thank you for your feedback" and telling you they have recently taken action against somebody partially based on your reporting them. Also, they don't ban people from the game for these reports, they just give them various levels of communication bans which eventually subside...and in a game based on teamwork, a communication ban is pretty bad to anybody who actually cares about winning.

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