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June 2019 Member of the Month

Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:43 pm

We back

With the recent changes in staff around here, I've been asked to bring back our MOTM interviews to help our members both old and new get (re)acquainted with each other, and what better way to kick that off than with one of our newly retired admins; Duce himself!

How and when did you find the site?
It was 2008 and we had another couple living with us. Paul and I would play halo in the evenings, just derping around as a hog duo and we were crushing it. At one point we started tracking how many WM we got manually. One night we were over 200 for the session and I wondered aloud who had the most and what that number was. The old forum posts on led me here.

What got you into Halo?
I know you young'uns likely haven't had this experience, but when Halo:CE came out there was no Xbox Live. In order to play against other people we had to get multiple people and boxes together for what's called a "LAN party". In fact, one of my friends was living with a group that set their house up to be a dedicated LAN party. Every room had an xbox and a large tv/projector. Many late nights spent playing CTF on Sidewinder and FFA on Hang 'em High

What's your preferred playstyle?
My slaying ability is crap, so I stick to driving/gunning/objective running. I'm definitely one of our more aggressive drivers. I always figured it doesn't matter if the hog stays alive if the gunner and driver don't combine for more kills than they'd have on foot.

Where did your gamertag come from?
I was a big fan of the Boondock Saints in my youth, il Duce is a character from that. I've considered changing it given that I've outgrown the movie, but the other staff informed me that they'd never call me anything different anyway, so I may as well keep it,

Any favorite Halo memories?
I mean, Halo 3 has a lot of memories, but unfortunately all the clips have been lost to time. I think my biggest Halo accomplishment was getting Sarge out of retirement and getting us ready for Warzone and the Halo 5 launch. Going in with the plan and winning early allowed us to recruit some fresh members that injected some much needed activity around here.

What are your other favorite gaming series?
I like the Battlefield series, and tbh I'm way better at those games than Halo. I play Steep whenever I just want to chill solo, but for the most part I want multiplayer experiences. Sea of Thieves and Deep Rock Galactic are on the "currently playing" list, as well as a Factorio world that I play with a classmate.

What is your favorite food?
Burritos. I Pineappling love burritos so much. I'm not even that concerned with what's in it, as long as it's the size of my head.

Tell us something about yourself that we might not know!
HA! You'll never get me to talk, narc! Seriously though I've been here 11 years and I'm pretty much an open book. This thread could give you all some insight into my weird side, if that's what you're after.

Any advice for newer members of the community?
If a party is open, just party bomb it. Don't be afraid. It shows that you want to be included and involved and won't just hang around waiting for an invite all night.

Shoutouts! Who do you guys want to shoutout?
Umm, everyone? Ivy and Brick for sure. They've helped me through some rough times and took me in when I moved out here to Denver. Sarge for listening when I told him to come back for H5. There's a chance that HWM would have gone quietly into the dark night if we hadn't rallied for Warzone, despite how it ended. Ducke for believing in me and pushing me to make more of myself, first with the business and now with school. MC and Monster for approaching us and wanting to take over the reins and inject fresh activity again. Also this happened.

So yeah. Thanks HWM for being part of my life. I'm not going anywhere, just passing off the stressful bits to someone else.


Big thanks to Duce for taking time out of his schedule to do this interview! We'll be back next month with another interview. :hwm:
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Re: June 2019 Member of the Month

Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:57 pm

You see that? I'm an accomplishment!

Congratulations, Duce. You deserve all the love.
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Re: June 2019 Member of the Month

Sun Jun 16, 2019 8:53 am

Excellent as always Tims! And a very enjoyable history Duce.

Also for anyone who wants to be spotlighted, just reach out to tims and well randomly select the next member to learn more about!
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Re: June 2019 Member of the Month

Sun Jun 16, 2019 6:34 pm

Oh good I got an honorable mention. Love you.

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