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HWM vs. Absolution x

Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:55 am

HWM Helljumpers vs. Absolution x

After splitting two games against them during Fantasy Draft #3, we scheduled a match against the Absolution x Spartan Company on July 19, 2016. We set up a time and agreed to search focused against each other for about two hours in the hopes of playing a best of three series. The Wheelmen managed to win Darkstar and A.R.C. after losing Stormbreak by one point in game 1.

Highlights from the match:

Also, Cinco, Duce, and JimmyJam casted the event: LINK

Game 1, Stormbreak: 1000-999 ABX

In what became an incredibly close game, the Wheelmen started strong, winning the opening battles to clear ABX players pushing the Fortress, and then clearing the gunners off of both of their Warthogs. However, ABX managed to take down every single early boss in the game while the Fortress remained contested for over 8 minutes.

Caught on a flank, ABX pushed a Warthog and two players through tunnel while the Fortress was still being contested and managed to commandeer a whiplash from HWM to take their armory. The surviving Containment team capped the Fortress, saving the Wheelmen from a triple-cap scenario. ABX successfully holds both armories for the vast majority of the game, and the Wheelmen only manage to stay in the game with heavy slaying and securing one of the legendary and mythic bosses.

The Wheelmen manage to take the enemy armory late in the game, cap their original armory back, but then lose the enemy armory again. Steady slaying brought the game to a tense finish, but the early plays by ABX held off the final point for them to take a victory on Stormbreak.

Game 2, Darkstar: 1000-536 HWM

Rallying off the close finish to Stormbreak, the Wheelmen resolved to execute their two-Armory Darkstar game plan and properly control bosses.

ABX sent almost their entire team to the Fortress at the beginning of the game, surrendering the first boss and their own armory. They won Fortress, but the Wheelmen took both armories. ABX rotated onto the Wheelmen's primary armory while Backup and Ops were distracted and managed to cap the HWM armory. Backup and Assault stormed back into the Armory with defense with multiple explosive REQs and then on managed to hold both armories for the duration of the game.

Pivotal sniping out of defense and strong transitional control of the Wraparound of Fortress for the rest of the game resulted in a convincing win for the Wheelmen.

Game 3, A.R.C.: 1000-618 HWM

Driving the momentum of the previous win, the Wheelmen again stuck to their practiced game plan and pushed the enemy armory with Hog support at the beginning of A.R.C., and well-timed support from Defense neutralized both enemy hogs early. The Wheelmen would eventually lose the extended battle for the ABX Armory, but the early pressure allowed for stronger map control for the garage fight.

The Wheelmen would win the majority of bosses for the remainder of the game, but a well-executed Phaeton push would neutralize the Backup and Defense squads for HWM, enabling ABX to capture the HWM Armory. After a few spawn cycles, Assault, Defense, Ops, and Backup would retake the HWM armory.

The continued survival of the Grunt Mech opened up the tunnel transition for ABX throughout the game, giving them significant opportunity to attack garage and steal railguns, eventually pushing Backup out of the Warthog. However, anti-vehicular control coupled with aggressive assault pushes eventually forced ABX out of their home armory late in the game to secure victory for HWM

Final Score: 2-1 HWM

This was a fantastic series of games, and thanks again to the members of ABX for taking the time out to have this series with us.
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