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Community Update: March 9, 2016

Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:02 pm

Community Update: March 9, 2016

It's been a while since we posted here, so I thought I'd give an update on some things.

Inter Community Events

We've been active lately in engaging with other communities again. We've made a new friend in this Halo in the Spartan Dads and we just finished participating in the Operation Supply Drop stream this past weekend.

Going forward, we will create an event every Thursday for other communities to come play with us. Please visit the forums for more information.


As the membership has grown, we've reached the point where we have a large collection of players in one timezone's primary play time, and not so much in others. To work towards alleviating that problem, we have created new divisions within the community as such:

HWM Sword: 8 pm - 12 am PST
HWM Hammer: 8 pm - 12 am EST
HWM Spear: 8 pm -12 am GMT

To join a division, go to your user control panel, select usergroups, and then join the division that best fits your play time. Everyone is still welcome to join any lobby at any time. The divisions are meant to help people find each other within their regular play times. This is open to blues and community, but does not mean you are part of the clan. The admissions process remains the same.


We have renamed the HWM Events Forum to "Community Events." Anyone can create an event and put it on the calendar by starting a new thread in the Events forum.

Going forward, we will only officially host Mastery Monday and Party Up Saturday as Staff-managed events. The Wheelmen will still participate in Wheelmen Wednesday and Networking Thursday.

Anyone else can now create an event for a night they will be on, Wheelman or not.

Play Times

Now that we have divisions. The basic play time run down will be:

Before 10 pm: Wheelmen play with non-Wheelmen (orange) community members.
After 10 pm: Wheelmen play with Wheelmen.

Oranges can still be invited into Wheelmen lobbies to fill slots, but there are too many clan members now to adequately organize internal play on one night in particular.

Training Grounds

We have brought back the Training Grounds. We hope that the entire community (Wheelmen and non-Wheelmen) will use it to get assistance from other members with things they're working on in Halo.

Sarge Comments

It's been a fantastic return for the community, and I've been more excited about being here than I have since Reach. Hoping to see more people taking on leadership roles around here and continuing our growth in this game.

Keep on hogging, everyone.
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