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Love Boat map help please

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:31 am
by Haut
Im not brill at forge but ive been wanting to make a Prowler map for a while, its underpowered but loads of fun and needs a map where it can be a real force.

if we make an effective map with this crazy thing in mind we can get it on bungie favs im sure

how do we make it a legitimate activity to fill one of thes up and power round?

no missile pod
no rockets
no laser

limited stickys
one power drain?

brute shots are fine as its un flipable

lots of sharp rams and little pyramids etc, im looking at a tag for the map being:

Nowhere is safe!

as the prowler can go anywhere

of course you cant just expect a team of 8 to load up into 2 boats and expect it to be match making material so only one boat per team

i want shelterd areas potentially with cover for the team to load up in and maybies a sniper or 2 to make it more fun

a central double ridge like standoff would be nice with under ground passageway and 2 cut outs to splatter through

providing cover for ground troups and the boat will be tricky, but with all the ramps and bumps it should be a lumpy good time

if we make driving on it hard enough for wheeled vehicles and the chopper, then potentially we can include one of them as well, the prowlers ability to climb anywhere and bumble over anything should be the primary focus

any help would be greatfull recieved constructive criticism whatever.


Re: Love Boat map help please

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:54 am
by Luv Gunn
If it were me I would have several maps one of which you described with no laser or Rockets for a legit Prowler Map and one WITH laser AND Rockets AND Brute Shot up in the Sky Bubble on a wall-less map with a few rolling hills and some Fusion Coils Peppered about. Something Like A nice Rocket Race Map. Some Cover here and there but the Gametype would be Indestructible Vehicles, Normal Damage but players are invulnerable, points for kills still apply, maybe double for Splatters... Sadly I don't think you can give points for wheelmen... Maybe a Side Seat Sniper Version as well?

Anyway the map could have a few holes here and there in the floor, if it should please the court, and Teams of 2,3, or 4 could load up the boat (Your Choice to run a turret to shoot Fusion Coils or a side seat to run Rockets/Brute) and we have a prowler face off... Use the Rockets and Brute Shot to knock the other team/Teams off the map giving you points when they hit the sky bubble floor. The Laser/Turret can hit Fusion Coils that are placed stratigically around the map... Depending on the # of people playing would depend on the size of the team. I could see 4 Prowlers and Starting Points Max and that would work for 6-16 people.

Prowlers are very stable but having to keep your "Gunners" facing another Prowler would be challenging and if you turned the Gravity to very low and placed fusion Coils in JUST the right place this could be very fun.

Re: Love Boat map help please

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:35 am
by Haut
I like the idea of 3 or 4 teams ill see how it plays out, rocket race with that many people per team might be a bit borin

Re: Love Boat map help please

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:39 pm
by Luv Gunn
Not really a Rocket Race... it would still be "Team Slayer" gametype. I just said RR to emphasize the Rockets and Bruteshot aspect of explosions and knocking a Boat Over the Edge.

Sheild Doors would also cause a big Bounce too :shrug: