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i have some maps that i would like some feedback on

Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:12 pm

starting with the more recently made maps i only have 3 im curious about

TEMPLE ... d=74110548

gametype for TEMPLE ... d=74110521

this a one flag ctf map which is bound to be lots of fun because of all the different ways you could attack and defend. btw the custom powerups are there to prevent camping. (made by Pengin SkullGod and I Virus Shell I )

PENGIN'S PYRAMID ... d=74114612

gametype for PENGIN'S PYRAMID ... d=74114546

this is an infection game that spans the all 3 levels of sandbox zombies spawn in the middle and have to melee pallets until they break all they way into the crypt immediatly landing where the humans would have spawned. the humans after making it safely through the maze will find themselves in the sky bubble and will have to make tough decisioins on which way to proceed to the area with ammo and guns (also made by Pengin SkullGod and I Virus Shell I )

and lastly

ANYURISM ... d=74115377

a fun slayer game that is set on foundry and is for either team or ffa. the idea is to get up top to the weapons through the portal but the crafty might make use of the several deployable gravlifts and stickys laying around the gound level. (made by Pengin SkullGod and Saconn Da Killa)

hope you have fun and enjoy the maps

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