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Map Remake Contest by Forgehub

Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:58 pm

For our forge community out there:
A map remake contest.

" is proud to present the Sandbox launch contest, a remake contest for Halo maps from the previous two games. With all the buzz about bringing back classics, paired with the endless capabilities of Sandbox itself, this is the perfect competition to kick off the beginning of a new forging age. So pop in the original Xbox games, study some weapon layouts, and prepare to become a meticulous forger once more."

Kinda interesting...
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Re: Map Remake Contest by Forgehub

Thu Apr 09, 2009 6:30 am

Yeah, but, what do we get? Plus, you've got to realise they're just waiting for someone to come up with a perfect Coagulation remake for them to use! ::lol::

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