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Racing Map basics

Mon May 26, 2008 11:31 pm

This post is incomplete and will be expanded, and edited, over time. Feel free to PM me with any questions, corrections, or suggestions. --Robo

If it has wheels, somebody’s going to race it. The Warthog is no exception.

I. Racing Maps

I was driven to start making maps, and editing game types, for Hog Racing after discovering the joys of Warthog driving, but noticed that almost all of the user created racing maps were built for the Mongoose. I liked the Mongoose, and enjoyed Rocket Race, but the Hog was a full-sized truck, not an ATV from Hell, and it needed race maps suited to its qualities.

I’ve put together this short information sheet to share what I’ve found and learned about Forging maps for races, and editing the VIP game type. This is also intended to be a first draft of the standards and practices that we, in the Wheelman community, will use in creating new maps for racing (and other ‘alternative games’) for our beloved Hogs. This should not be seen as a Rule Book for Hog maps, just a body of knowledge that can be shared, and evolved, by us all, in order to give our maps a certain degree of commonality, and userfriendly-ness.

Most of all, I’d like to see a group interest, and effort, in developing new, fun, ways to Hog it up.

A few things to keep in mind while making maps for either style of racing:

---The course should be laid out, and marked, so that the drivers don’t have to guess about the proper direction to travel, or whether they have driven off the track. Visually check your work as you go, from the driver’s height.

---What are the possible outcomes, such as unintended penalties or benefits, from a racer missing a jump?

---Is there a way to accidentally bypass the Finish line?

---Don’t make it too easy to cheat, but don’t bother trying to make it impossible; that’s what Referees are for.

---Make sure you’ve changed the game type to VIP while Forging. Goal types and some aspects of Spawning are specific to VIP

A. The Course

This is where the artistic, sadistic, side of a map maker can be indulged most freely. The layout of the track is entirely in the author’s hands.

First, are you making a map for “pureâ€

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