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2 Awesome Racetracks! :)

Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:01 am

Hey, if you don't know, I love to forge and a couple of times I've attempted at forging a racetrack. I have played many different racetracks in Halo 3 and I'm looking forward to the ownes in Reach :)

So here are the two racetracks I've forged, they are both designed for use with the standard "RACETRACKS" gametype. If you do not have it yet, here is the official variant:

Now my maps:

Racetrack #1: "Longest Mile"

This track was made on Sandbox. It goes outside of the "default" Sandbox play space due to the fact that the guardian towers have been blocked off. This track is very long(I consider it to be the longest track ever forged but I can't confirm that). Its travels partially along the outside of the map and then it cuts through the center. There are some obstacles such as kill balls but they are easily avoidable if you are paying attention.
I must also say that this map is HOG COMPATIBLE, meaning you can race with hogs, however only mongooses are placed so you would have to manually add hogs(sorry! :()

You can get the map here:

Track #2: "Orion's Belt"

This track was made on Orbital. The track goes through the space station in a loop. However, due to the confined space(and because Hogs can't be placed on Orbital), this map is a mongoose only racetrack.
It pretty straight forward and can be fun as long as long as you don't play this map with 16 players(it gets a bit cramped :P).

The link to the map is here:

Thats all guys, I hope you enjoy the maps! Be sure to tell me what you think about them and have fun!

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