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Two awesome BTB games.

Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:57 am

So after a few games of Invasion I went to play some BTB and we played 3/4 teams of 8 throughout the night against a team full of Hero's and Legends, EXO and BTB veterans.

First game was on Tempest which was my first time playing it in BTB but we managed to get a strong offensive going and managed to pull the flag out. Our defence was solid and shut down pretty much every rush attempt them made.
1 - flag on tempest 1-0 WIN

We then matched them again on Hemorrhage and this time some of them had enough of getting beat up that they rage quit :]
75-18 WIN

Me and Matclan had some solid hogging going on in taking down their revenant,warthog,ghost and wraith down at the start of the game. ::flex::

What surprised me the most was the ranks on the other team.

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