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A Good Run

Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:55 pm

Anybody have games that didn't really stand out, but when you put them all together leave you feeling really good about yourself? Post them here!

I'll start with today. I played some before I needed to start getting ready for work and had quite a good run. A fair amount of it was based on completing the daily challenges as well, which I think I did pretty well on :D

First game, not the best K/D-wise, but you can tell I was going for assists...judging by the 11 EMP medals ::lol::

Next game was Snipers, but didn't go nearly as badly as Big Team Snipers usually does. I used this opportunity to go for my Double Nickels Challenge, and got it as well as a few more assists.

This one was just me grabbing some K/D with the sniper, and taking heads off endlessly. I killed their sniper at least 8 times that game...apparently they just couldn't figure out where I was ::wink::

This game was another attempt to get assists in large quantities...failed some in this game, but still came out fairly well.

I was actually against playing this one, but I didn't do too horribly bad :shrug:

This one was purely for assists...and 7 in one game isn't that bad, even if I did go -2.

Here I was also going purely for assists...and got 9 of them, along with 11 EMP medals. This marked the completion of the assist challenge, and the point at which I stopped actively trying for assists and started helping Jammy get some.

I spent pretty much the whole of this game trying to help Jammy get assists...and watching him fail with the Plasma Pistol lol. I still got more assists than him, and I wasn't even trying now ::FP::

Last game of the early day (I may be playing more later) and once again, Jammy struggled for assists and routinely got headshots instead ::roll:: . After this the party fell apart, Jammy and I chatted in lobby for a while, joined RJ's party for some epic Pre-Game Lobby waiting, and then I had to leave to take a shower/get ready for work...which is were I'm going now.

Hopely I'll be able to continue my win streak when I get off work and can finish the 17 MP MM Challenge as well :wave:

ConsumedFever wrote:
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Re: A Good Run

Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:04 pm

Pfft, I don't do overcharges, give a a good solid trigger-spam any day.. And the obvious reason for my lack of assists is that I'm just too damn beast!..... okay, no..

Good run Jedi, I enjoyed our games together very much!

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