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About The Music Club & High Fives

Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:18 pm

Welcome to the Music Club! ::thumbs::

The Music Club is HaloWheelmen's home for our music fanatics! Use this forum to talk music of any kind; keeping in mind that there are threads already in place for New Music, Country Music, Cover Songs, & etc.

When browsing the Music Club and our High Fives feel free to review other member's posts. Tell us what you like, or (respectfully) don't like, about the songs. Keep an open mind about music posted on our forums. If you don't like a song tell us why rather than just saying "this is crap." Maybe you'll find something new you enjoy!

About High Fives
High Five's are a great way to show other member's of the community the kind of music you are into! Send a Private Message to 'Icebird' with the 5 songs of your choice and with each include links to where HWM members can listen to them with just 1 click; (eg. YouTube). (With songs that have harsh language in them please look for a clean version or at least warn our younger members) Be sure to tell us what you love about the songs you chose.

High Fives are also now open to member's who have already written a High Five. Opinions about music change or you may have newer songs you like better that you'd like to share. Feel free to send me a PM with your 'High Five 2.0'.

Priority on High Fives will be granted to those who haven't posted one yet. We post the High Fives to give people who've just had one posted a chance for people to listen and enjoy before a new list is posted.

To send a Private Message you can click the "PM" icon on the left side of this post.
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